January 17, 1942-June 3, 2016

Muhammad Ali

This page is dedicated to a champion, to an activist and a humanist. He is Muhammad Ali born in January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A. We will show the artist side of Ali. He appeared in several movies and documentaries. Earning one of them ;When We Were Kings (1996); an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Will Smith portrayed Mohammad Ali in the movie Ali (2001) and was nominated for Best Actor. Ali the singer was nominated for a Grammy Award twice in 1964 and 1976. Ali the TV actor appeared in the series Diff'rent Strokes (1979). Muhammad Ali the writer : He wrote several best-selling books about his career and life struggle : The Greatest: My Own Story and The Soul of a Butterfly.

Ali had a cameo role in the movie.

Requiem for a Heavyweight

Ali appeared in this documentary film where he rode a horse and a bull.

 Black Rodeo

The film was adapted from his autobiography The Greatest: My Own Story written in 1975.

The Greatest

Muhammad Ali played the role of a former slave and a Union soldier later becoming a US senator.

Freedom Road

A documentary about the Rumble in the Jungle fight against heavyweight champion George Foreman. The documentary won an Academy Award.

When We Were Kings

Will Smith was nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of Muhammad Ali.


A documentary about the legal battles fought and won by Mohammad Ali for his refusal of the draft during the Vietnam War.

The Trials of Muhammad Ali

A movie made for television about the life struggles of Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight
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